Sir George volunteers for Cancer Research UK
7 Jun 2002
Sir George serves a customer, while Manu Amin look on
Sir George serves a customer, while Manu Amin look on
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As part of Volunteers Week, Sir George spent an hour with the Cancer Research UK Shop in Andover, helping to sort and price garments, making the tea and selling over the counter.

"Cancer Research are heavily dependent on their shops for their income; and, within the shops, they depend on volunteers in order to minimisecosts and maximise what can be spent an research currently £175 million a year."

"The Andover shop is part of Cancer Research UK's chain of 700 stores nationwide. I was very impressed by the professionalism of the volunteers - who have to be up to speed on a range of issue, including health and safety. It is splendid that they are able to goive so much of their time for such a good cause. I was also impressed by the generosity of people in and around Andover who donate quality produce to the shop."
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