Sir George welcomes expansion of broadband to Tadley
20 Jun 2002
Iain Duffin, BT Regional Manager, with Sir George at the Tadley Exchange
Iain Duffin, BT Regional Manager, with Sir George at the Tadley Exchange
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Sir George Young today called on businesses not to miss out on “the huge opportunities” offered by high speed broadband communications. And he urged BT to “maintain the momentum of rolling out this vital technology to more exchanges.”
The North West Hampshire MP visited the latest telephone exchange in his constituency to be equipped with ADSL broadband technology, and said: “Broadband opens the door to exciting new ways of working. The cost savings and improved competitiveness offered by this technology will play a key role in the future prosperity of my constituency – and, indeed, the UK as a whole.
“It is vital that businesses and organisations do not miss out on the huge opportunities provided by broadband communications. The considerable benefits need to be fully exploited and it is very important that BT maintains the momentum of rolling out this vital technology to more exchanges so that people living in the more remote parts of my constituency, such as the villages of North West Hampshire, will be able to benefit.”
Sir George particularly welcomed BT’s new ADSL order registration system, due to go live on July 1, which will allow businesses and consumers not yet served by ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) to log interest in ordering broadband services through their service provider. The service provider will then record it on the registration database.
He said: “I call on businesses and other interested parties to register their interest so demand can be demonstrated.”
On Thursday, Sir George officially declared the Tadley exchange, near Basingstoke, as ‘open’ for broadband services. Tadley is the latest exchange in Hampshire to receive a major investment in ADSL technology.
Sir George said he was pleased that a number of recent BT initiatives had helped boost demand for broadband, among them a reduction in the wholesale price of ADSL services, which has allowed internet service providers to drop their charges to ‘end user’ customers.
Nationally, wholesale orders for ADSL have now risen to more than 12,000 a week. The technology operates over existing phone lines.
"But we need to maintain the momentum; many of the towns and villages in North West Hamsphire are still beyond the reach of broadband and I will be pressing BT to roll out the ADSL programme until everyone who wants access to broadband can have it, and at a reasonable price."
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