Sir George warns of crisis in Care Homes sector
28 Jun 2002
"Despite the injection of Government funds to help with bed-blocking, there are real problems resurfacing again. This is because the care homes sector has little confidence that funds will be available from Government to pay for the quality of care that is expected. Giving money to the NHS to buy beds will not work, unless the fees paid are adequate. Sadly, in Hampshire, they are not. Residential and nursing homes continue to close."

"This is not joined up Government; starving social service departments of resources while putting record sums into the NHS makes no sense if the NHS beds are then blocked. Nor does it make sense to "fine" local authorities if the beds are not available in their area."

"What is needed is a strategic approach, working backwards from the number of nursing and residential home beds that are needed; what a realistic cost per bed per week is; and then ensuring that resources are available to purchase them."
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