Sir George challenges Dobson on local NHS cash crisis
17 Sep 1999
Sir George Young, MP for North West Hants – which includes Basingstoke Hospital – has hit out at the Government for saying one thing, and doing another, on the NHS.
“Only a few weeks ago, we had pictures of Tony Blair and Frank Dobson splashed across the local papers, saying how much more money they were putting into local NHS services. Now we learn the truth, that there are to be cuts in hospital care.”
Sir George said that rumours of closure of the North Hants Hospital at Basingstoke were fanciful; but closure of units within the hospital were much more likely and deeply disturbing.
“I have sent Frank Dobson a copy of the Basingstoke Gazette for September 17th, and asked him to respond to these reports and to re-assure my constituents. We keep on being told there is £41 billion extra on health and education; but the £10 million shortfall for the local Trusts and the economies necessary to break even is the grim reality. They say one thing and do another.”
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