Daniel Hannan MEP addresses Overton Tories
7 Jul 2002
Guest at the Pre-Lunch Drinks held at Roundwood by Overton, Laverstoke and Ashe Conservatives was Daniel Hannan, Conservative MEP for the South East Region.
Speaking to a large audience, Daniel Hannan said that this might be the last summer when Britain enjoyed its own currency. "If we are to believe Stephen Byers, the Government are planning the legislation for a referendum next year."

"I wish that Tony Blair and Charles Kennedy were more open about the consequences of joining the Euro. They pretend that it is primarily an economic issue and that the political issues are of no importance. But a country's currency encapsulates its sovereignty. One exchange rate, one interest rate and one tax rate ijn Europe would erode our sovereignty."
He went on to say that the European Union was becoming a state. "It has its own Parliament, its own currency, its own anthem, its own flag, its own Supreme Court, its own army through the European Rapid Reaction Force and its own borders. This is no longer just an association of independent countries."
He pointed out that 14% of the UK's Gross National Product was accounted for by trade with the EU, 15% by trade with the rest of the world, and the balance was produced domestically. "It is important that the European tail does not wag the dog."
From l to r, Stafford Trendall, GY, Daniel Hannan and Graham Lambert
From l to r, Stafford Trendall, GY, Daniel Hannan and Graham Lambert
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