Enham's Spaced Out Theatre Company performs at Cricklade
20 Jul 2002
Sir George with members of the cast
Sir George with members of the cast
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Based at the Enham Trust in Enham Alamein, the Spaced Out Theatre company took their first production outside Enham to the Cricklade Theatre in Andover.

The Enham Trust is part of a group called Enabling Partnership, and is committed to providing training and development opportunities, with supported living and care for disabled people.

This is an extrtact from the programme,

"Welcome to The Spaced Out Theatre Company's first production outside ENHAM. The group has been running now for nearly six years and in that time we have staged 10 productions from drama to comedy, mime to panto.
"Does He Take Sugar" is a drama devised by the group members exploring the difficulties they encounter, through people's attitudes of fear and prejudice, towards disability! The aim of the play is to clear up the myths and misconceptions surrounding disability and to allow those involved to express themselves through the medium of Drama.
Following the first performance there will be a short break whilst the performers get ready for their final piece, a mime, called "Exercises in Free Love".
Some other examples of the work we do at ENHAM are on display in the foyer including Artwork and Poetry, and on the Friday evening performance there will be some items on sale made by the ENHAM Business Group. We thank you for coming and hope you enjoy the show.

"Roma Nichol, the Director, and the cast are to be congratulated on a quality performance acted with enthusiasm and sensitivity. The production will help bring down some of the barriers that still confront disabled people."
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