Campaign for better road safety at Newfound is launched
26 Jul 2002
Traffic leaving Newfound on the B3400
Traffic leaving Newfound on the B3400
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Residents of Newfound, the village on the B3400 between Basingstoke and Overton, have contacted their MP and their County Councillor Anna McNair Scott to campaign for improved road safety measures.
“At the moment there is a 40 mph limit, which is widely disregarded, and many in the village believe this should be reduced to 30 mph and enforced. There are also difficulties accessing the main road from the drives off the B3400, and problems for pedestrians who want to cross the road."
"Many who drive down the B3400 don't realise there is village on either side of the road along this stretch."
"Anna McNair Scott and I are in touch with the County Surveyor to see what can be done to promote road safety along this stretch. I spent some time on Friday evening talking to local residents about the problems that confront them. One cannot cut his grass without parking a car in the road to protect himself while he does this."
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