Hursbourne Tarrant Conservatives hold supper evening
7 Sep 2002
Branch Chairman Hugh Welby-Everard with Lady Young, doing the raffle
Branch Chairman Hugh Welby-Everard with Lady Young, doing the raffle
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Hurstbourne Tarrant branch of North West Hampshire Conservatives held a Curry Evening in the Pavilion at Hurstbourne Tarrant, attracting a capacity crowd.
"The cuisine was excellent - well done High Welby-Everard and the team."
Speaking after the meal, Sir George said that one of the tasks of MP's who represent rural constituencies was to explain to the Government the benefits of living in villages rather than in cities.
"The roots of this Government are essentially urban - that is where the bulk of their support comes from. Many of the decisions they take are hitting people who live in the countryside. Funds for local services provided by the NHS or local authorities are being squeezed and diverted to the North and to the Cities. This is being done without regard to need - many less well-off people live in the countryside, and there are areas of deprivation in counties such as Hampshire."
Sir George was particularly critical of the Government's planning policy.
"I don't often agree with Ken Livingstone; but he is right to say that planners should seek to reverse the exodus of people from London, which is putting pressure on the countryside. We should make London an attractive place to live, so people don't feel they have to leave to secure a good quality of life. And pressure of development in the South East should be diverted to the East of London, rather than to the West."
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