Sir George and Mayor of Basingstoke open new offices in Overton
17 Sep 2002
John O'Sullivan, GY, Mayor, Eoin Lambkin (Satdrive founder)
John O'Sullivan, GY, Mayor, Eoin Lambkin (Satdrive founder)
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Cllr Rita Burgess and Sir George opened the new offices of Satdrive in Overton.

Satdrive offers highspeed internet connection via satellite to those parts of the country that BT cannot offer Broadband to.

"I'm absolutely delighted to welcome the establishment of SatDrive at their new offices here at Overton, in my constituency of North West Hampshire.
Over the past year I have become increasingly concerned about the gap between the cities and our country towns and villages in the provision of higher performance Internet. In the main urban centres we see many suppliers offering many different approaches, all competing on both price and performance: the latest technologies at the cheapest prices. For urban users, performance goes up, prices go down, year on year. In contrast, for many people in and around our country towns and villages, the choice has been "plain old telephone connections" - take it or leave it. The need for excellent communications is not less in the countryside than in the towns - in many ways the need is greater. I feel the frustration of many of my constituents in a personal way - every time my Internet Services Provider hits me with yet another invitation to "move to broadband" (by which they mean ADSL), when I already know that we haven't got, and have little expectation of getting the ADSL service in the village where I live, just up the road from here.

I welcome SatDrive's arrival in Overton for three reasons. First, it's good to see another hi-tech company choosing North West Hampshire as their base.
Second, it's particularly appropriate that a provider of broadband should come to Overton, where there is already a group of people and businesses - The Overton Business Association - actively campaigning for better Internet access locally. Third, because having SatDrive here in the constituency will help to inform local people and businesses about the opportunities for satellite delivery of Internet access and to reassure them that this is a practicable proposition with local expertise behind it, not another difficult-to-grasp sales pitch from a distant multinational.

Having already taken the opportunity to look at SatDrive's website, I also welcome their refreshingly clear exposition of the services they offer, including telling us what it won't do as well as what it will do.
Discussions this year in Parliament have often been dogged by confusion and misunderstanding of what is meant by "broadband". The Government, BT and most of the service providers have been using the term very loosely - anything other than an old-fashioned modem is promoted as "broadband". I rather like SatDrive's approach of allowing the user to choose what
performance they require at a particular time for a particular Internet activity, knowing that they can get and pay for faster performance when they want it, but only pay for the basic level of performance the rest of the time.

I look forward to learning more about SatDrive's technologies and the services they will be offering."
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