Sir George backs campaign for new Sports Pavilion at Newfound
21 Sep 2002
As Patron of Oakley Football Club, Sir George has backed the application for funds to rebuild the present dilapidated changing rooms with a new Pavilion.

"The existing timber framed building was erected approximately 35 years ago as "temporary accommodation" comprising two changing rooms, showers, Wc's, basins and a tea room. The condition is very poor and the building is deteriorating rapidly to the point where it is becoming structurally unacceptable. Externally the timber posts and glazed timber panels are infested with decay and rot.
Internally some timber panels have broken loose from the timber bearers and are sagging. Tiles are loose or missing in the showers and the concrete surface bed needs attention. At present all the windows are boarded up as the building was badly vandalised last year. A temporary Portakabin has been located nearby to supplement the unadequacies of the pavilion."

"The Parish Council is applying for a grant of £380,000 from the Football Foundation, with the balance of £65,000 coming from local sources."

"In addition to being used by Oakley FC, the ground - which comprises two football pitches and a cricket pitch - is used by Oakley Athletic, and it is hoped to establish a girl's team in the future."

Text of Sir George's letter of support follows.


As Patron of Oakley Football Club, I want to confirm my support for your Council's proposal to replace the present dilapidated changing rooms at Newfound with a new Pavilion.

I understand that the structure has been designed to comply withthe current requirements of the Football Association and will be able to satisfy the needs of the different groups of people in the local community. The present pavilion is clearly at the end of its useful life.

Also, as part of the Borough's strategic sports development plan, I wish your Council every success in your endeavour to secure a major portion of the funding from the Football Foundation.

Yours sincerely

Sir George Young MP.

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