Sir George opens new link at Smannell and Enham School
27 Sep 2002
Sir George cuts the ribbon outside the link
Sir George cuts the ribbon outside the link
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Smannell and Enham Church of England Primary School marked the building of the new link between the two halves of the school by asking the local MP to cut the ribbon. The link cost £100,000 and enables children and staff to get from one part of the school to the other without exposure to the elements. Before the ceremony, one of the children, Amy, read a poem she had written for the occasion.
"Geoff Friend and his staff are building up this popular and successful school, where the numbers continue to rise. It still has the culture of a traditional village school, but is now operating with a more efficient set of buildings. Mrs Jarvis has done a fine job with the new garden."
The school hopes, in due course, to replace the temporary classroom with a permanent structure built on to the existing buildings.
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