Phyllis Brown celebrates her 100th Birthday
2 Oct 2002
Phyllis Brown and Sir George
Phyllis Brown and Sir George
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Pat and Ray Russell hosted a 100th Birthday Party for Phyllis Brown, to which many of her friends from Marks and Spencer in Andover were invited.
"It was kind of Pat and Ray to give such a splendid party for Phyllis, who is amazing for her age. She lives on her own, knows exactly what is going on and, despite breaking a hip earlier in the year, moves around well. I enjoyed talking to her about Roy Jenkins and his father, whom she knew in Wales."
Phyllis' father was Headmaster of a boarding school in Gwent, and in 1946 she joined Marks and Spencer in Andover as a Staff Manager, retiring in 1962. She toured New Zealand when she was 89, and keeps in touch with former friends from work through the Marks and Spencer Retired Staff Association
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