Energy Saving Trust holds Reception at House of Commons
16 Oct 2002
Eoin Lees, Chief Executive of EST, with GY
Eoin Lees, Chief Executive of EST, with GY
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The Energy Saving Trust marked Energy Saving Week by holding a reception for MP's at the House of Commons.

"Eoin Lees made the point that everyone gains from energy conservation; householders have lower fuel bills; industry's costs come down; our fossil fuel will last longer; and we reduce toxic emissions into the atmosphere."

"He also gave practical examples - turning down the thermostat by 1 degree to cut 10% off the fuel bill; only boiling in the kettle as much water as you need; buying white goods with the Eneregy Efficiency Recommended Logo on them; and buying energy efficient light bulbs."

"With increased concern about global warming and security of energy supplies, along with the recent World Summit on Sustainable Development, this whole area is becoming of growing political significance."
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