Nicholas Soames addresses Conservative Annual Dinner
8 Nov 2002
From l to r GY, Sir David Mitchell, Lady Y, Nicholas Soames
From l to r GY, Sir David Mitchell, Lady Y, Nicholas Soames
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The North West Hampshire Conservative Association held its Annual Dinner at the St Mary Bourne Village Centre. All the tickets were sold out, with the MP for Mid-Sussex - the Hon Nicholas Soames - being a very popular Guest Speaker.

Introducing Nicholas Soames, Sir George said that Nicholas' grandfather - Winston Churchill - was fighting another great battle at the moment, this time against Elizabeth 1, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, David Beckham and others for the title of the Greatest Briton; his father, Christopher Soames, had served with Sir George in Margaret Thatcher's first Administration; and he welcomed the fourth successive generation of Churchills to serve in the House of Commons to North West Hampshire.

Speaking after the dinner, Nicholas Soames warned the Prime Minister and the Chancellor not to underfund the Armed Forces. "Our Armed Forces have never let this country down; and there has only been one year since the last World War - 1968 - when a British soldier has not died on active service. We cannot simply take them for granted, nor ask them to do too much"

He said that the institutions of this country were under attack - Parliament, Law & Order, the Church and the Monarchy - and it was up to the Conservative Party to champion them and defend them.

"The Conservative Party is the most successful political party in the world; it has governed this country for 70 out of the last 100 years and it has governed it well. It must prepare to assume those responsibilities once more."
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