Basingstoke Magistrates Court hold Open Day
9 Nov 2002
A member of the public is
A member of the public is "searched" by a court official
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Sir George visited Basingstoke Magistrates Court Open Day, sitting on a mock trial, a youth sentencing session, and looking round one of the vehicles used to bring defendants from prison to the courts.

"It was a well-attended event, and more people now understand what a high-quality and cost-effective system of justice we get from our magistrates. I was pleased to hear they plan to have an Open Day in Andover and I am sure that will be equally well-supported."

Extract from Programme of Events
North West Hampshire Magistrates Court

The area covered by the North West Petty Sessional Division is Winchester, Andover and Basingstoke. The North West Bench is made up of 120 magistrates together with a District Judge(Magistrates Courts) and the composition of the Bench is intended to reflect the local community in its diversity, including the balance of ages, gender and ethnicity.
Magistrates, who are often referred to as JPs, perform an essential role in ou society. They have had the responsibility for sitting in court and deciding the cases for many centuries. They are unpaid and are required by the Lord Chancellor to sit in Court for a minimum of 26 sessions a year. Visit the Magistrates stand and find out more about their role or speak to a Magistrate (look for`Magistrate' on the badge). They will happily try to answer your questions.

Working with the Magistrates to provide a local Court Service are the staff who work in the Court House. They include Legal Advisers who advise the Magistrates in the court room, Ushers who help to manage the court and call on cases, and administrative staff who work both in the court room and in the offices to ensure that all the paperwork is available on time, accurate and up-to-date.
You can find out more about what it is like to work in a Magistrates' Court by asking somebody wearing a `Staff badge.

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