Testway Housing hold Tenants Conference
9 Nov 2002
GY with Linda Mothersole, Supported Housing Manager
GY with Linda Mothersole, Supported Housing Manager
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Testway Housing held its Tenants Conference -"Going from Strength to Strength" - at Sparsholt College near Winchester. Over 80 tenants came along, and attended workshops on Community Involvement, Life-Long Learning, Repairs and Improvements and other subjects. During the lunchbreak, the Hampshire Fire Service put on a display, showing how to cope with chip-pan fires. Delegates were also able to take part in an Acupressure display.
Keynote addresses were given by the Chief Executive, John Spens and by Brenda Thomas, a resident from King Arthur's Way who has been co-opted by the Housing Corporation on to its Tenants Panel.

"This was another successful conference, and I was particularly interested to meet Linda Mothersole, who is the Supported Housing Manager."

"Over 1000 people now subscribe to Testway Lifeline, of whom about half are Testway tenants, with the balance being owner-occupiers or private tenants, who want the security of the lifeline system. In addition to allowing the resident to call for help by pressing a button, there are a number of sophisticated options that can detect smoke, break-ins, or which will activate a call for help if the resident falls over. At a basic price of £3.25 per week, it offers 24 hours a day, seven days a week security for a very reasonable price."
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