Ashlawn Gardens residents campaign for improved road safety
12 Nov 2002
Cllr Marion Kerley (Left) with Ashlawn Gardens residents
Cllr Marion Kerley (Left) with Ashlawn Gardens residents
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Residents of Ashlawn Gardens - a sheltered housing scheme off Winchester Rd in Andover - gathered to demand improved road safety.
"The pavement is very narrow in places, and residents in wheelchairs have to go into the main road to get round obstructions - like the telegraph pole in the picture. As the road is a very busy road, this is dangerous. They would like the obstructions removed and the surface improved."

Residents would also like a letter-box on their side of the road - so they don't have to cross the road to post their letters - and would like the speed restriction of 30 mph rigorously enforced.
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