Sir George's Constituency to be reduced in size
20 Nov 2002
Following a local inquiry into the Parliamentary Constituency Boundaries in Hampshire, held in Winchester in June, the Boundary Commission is confirming its proposals to reduce the size of Sir George's North West Hants constituency.
Despite this reduction, it will still be the biggest in the county, with 73,840 voters.
"I will be sorry to lose voters in Rooksdown and Sherborne St John wards, at the Basingstoke end of the constituency - and I hope these changes won't come in until after the next General Election. But the seat has grown, and it is way above the 69,000 averaqe for the county. Taking some 3,000 voters away from the eastern end will reduce the disparity with the other Hampshire seats - and now that Hampshire is getting an extra seat, this can be done quite easily without overburdening someone else."
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