Book launched on Andover's Anti-Fluoride Campaign
23 Nov 2002
John Barrell, David Borrett, Pat West and GY
John Barrell, David Borrett, Pat West and GY
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The Andover History and Archaeological Society launched David Borrett's book " Something in the Water" at the Andover Museum. The book tells the story of the Anti-Fluoride Campaign in Andover in the late 1950's.
Speaking at the launch, Sir George said that Andover was fortunate to have people interested in the Town's history who had the time and ability to research it and write it up in such a presentable way.
"People think that single-issue parties are a modern day phenomenon; but back in the 1950's, the Anti-Fluoride Party beat the established parties in a district council by-election"
The book mentions some marathon speeches in the House of Commons in the 1980's, when the campaign reached Parliament. "I remember those speeches; I was the Health Minister who had to sit on the front bench and listen to them, for hour after hour!"
Sir George said that he personally was in favour of adding fluoride to the water supply, though he understood the argument against. "Fluoride occurs naturally in the supply in many parts of the country and has a beneficial impact on dental decay. I find it acceptable to add it to the supply where it is not present."
Andover's supply is not currently fluoridated.
Pat West, Deputy Mayor, was at the launch with John Barrell, Secretary to the History and Archaeology Society.;
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