Sir George launches new Trust
26 Nov 2002
At the House of Commons today Sir George Young launched the Foundations Trust. The primary objective for the Trust is to raise funds for a Fast Track Hardship Fund for vulnerable homeowners.

Housing Minister LordRooker sent a message of support.

"Providing healthier housing for vulnerable people is a major priority for this Government and I therefore welcome the new Trust. We know that supporting independent living through a prompt supply of minor housinq works contributes to reductions in delayed discharges from hospital and better health overall.

"This is why I recently announced an extra £14,7 million to help vulnerable people stay longer in their own homes. Through this additional funding, as well as that raised by the Trust, Home Improvement Agencies have the potential to deliver better housing and health services tailored to the individual needs of older and vulnerable people.

The Trust's plan to improve the capacity and professionalism of the sector is very much in tune with our intentions. I wish the Trust well and look forward to hearinq more about its work as it progresses."

Sir George Young said..

"The Trust hopes to raise funds to help people who, for the want of a repair or minor adaptation to their home, are at risk of illness, accident, hospital admission, or cannot get home from hospital or residential care.

It is a paradox that small repairs and adaptations are often those that can alleviate the greatest discomfort, and yet these small sums are often the most difficult to source"

He went on to say…

"There are 1.7 million unfit homes in Britain. Seven out of ten homes are owner occupied, and it is elderly vulnerable homeowners who are living in some of the worst conditions in the country.

Home Improvement Agencies do a wonderful job in helping such people to repair and adapt their homes to meet their needs. And yet they are often thwarted by critical gaps in funding sources.

Sometimes the funds that they need are so small that funding systems will not or cannot consider them. Financiers will not lend or give equity release for small sums because there is simply no profit in it. And many local authorities will not consider grant applications for small amounts.

Other times, funds come through too slowly or too late, with the majority of application processes taking weeks or sometimes months.

If you have a burst pipe or are ready to return home from hospital, yet need your bed moved downstairs, even a few days is too long to wait.

Our Fund is designed to fill these gaps, providing small sums quickly, distributed efficiently through the existing network of Home Improvement Agencies".

By utilising this network of 235 Home Improvement Agencies, the Trust reaches the most vulnerable homeowners in the most effective way

The Trust is currently seeking donations and is looking to raise £1 million over 3 years.

For more information contact:

Janet Wyatt
Communications Manager Foundations
Bleaklow House
Howard Town Mill Glossop
Telephone: 01457891909
E-Mail: info@foundationstrust Website:

Sir George with fellow Trustees from l to r Mark Boleat, GY, Derek Waddington & John Hallsworth
Sir George with fellow Trustees from l to r Mark Boleat, GY, Derek Waddington & John Hallsworth
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