Baroness Miller addresses local Conservatives
29 Nov 2002
Baroness Miller (standing) talking to guests
Baroness Miller (standing) talking to guests
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Guest Speaker at the Christmas Lunch in St Mary Bourne, organised by North West Hants CWCC, was Front Bench Spokesman in the House of Lords, Baroness Miller.
Baroness Miller speaks on Trade and Industry matters in the House of Lords, and was a Minister in John Major's Government. She was made a Life Peer in 1993.

She criticised the way the Labour Government had axed the hereditary peers, without having any idea of what to put in their place. "Tony Blair, in five years, has created more Peers than John Major and Margaret Thatcher in eighteen. There is now a democratic deficit emerging as Parliament is bypassed. The people who were really independent have been removed from Parliament. The Life Peers respond far more readily to party discipline, as i know from my own experience as a Whip."

She criticised the proposals to set up Regional Assemblies as part of a plan to get rid of County Councils.
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