Sir George to launch debate on Newtown Common at Westminster
28 Oct 1999
The Speaker of the House of Commons has granted Sir George a debate next Wednesday (November 3rd) at which he plans to raise the problems facing his constituents at Newtown Common. A company claiming to have bought the Common has asked residents to agree to pay to the company 6% of the value of their homes within three weeks, so residents can continue to access their homes by car. If they don't, it is suggested they may have to pay more.
"I am alarmed at what is happening to my constituents, who have enjoyed unhindered acess over the common for decades, and who did all the necessary searches when they bought their homes."
Sir George will invite the Minister replying to the debate to agree that the present position is unsatisfactory; and to implement the necessary changes to solve the Newton Common problem - and similar problems should they occur elsewhere.
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