Sir George backs Macmillan Campaign
4 Dec 2002
Sir George takes the pledge!
Sir George takes the pledge!
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Sir George was one of many MPs, from all parties, who attended the

Parliamentary launch of Macmillan's "Get It Spent Where It's Meant"

campaign. Macmillan is urging MPs to use their local influence to ensure

the new three-year NHS funding scheme delivers for local people living with

cancer so that cancer services money gets spent where it's meant.

Macmillan believes the new NHS Local Delivery Plans offer a unique

opportunity to track cancer services money from the outset of the new

three-year funding system. This will be crucial to ensuring record

investment in health is reflected in the delivery of real improvements to

cancer services at a local level. As powerful local advocates for their

constituents, MPs have a key role to play in helping the NHS become more

transparent and open so that people can see cancer services money get spent

where it's meant.

"I was delighted to pledge my support for Macmillan's "Get It Spent Where

It's Meant" campaign. I know my constituents want cancer services money to

get spent where it's meant and on the services that will make the biggest

difference to the quality of life of people living with cancer. I am

determined that the new three-year NHS Local Delivery Plans do exactly that

- deliver for people living with cancer. The NHS must seize the opportunity

these Plans offer to get it right from the start. Let's be transparent and

open, so we can see where the money's going and ensure we get it spent

where it's meant."

Peter Cardy, Macmillan's Chief Executive, said:

""There's never been so much money committed to cancer. And it's never been

more important to get it spent where it's meant ? frontline cancer

services. This is Macmillan's first major parliamentary campaign and we

want to thank George Young for his support."

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