Minister responds to Sir George on access to Newtown Common
3 Nov 1999
Sir George Young today made a speech in the chamber of the House of Commons supporting his constituents of Newtown Common. A company claims to own the common, has applied to the Land Registry, and is trying to charge constituents to drive across it to reach their homes even though there is no other available route, and they have never been charged before.

Chris Mullins, the Minister who was replying to Sir George’s debate, agreed that the demands, ‘appeared to be outrageous’. He also conceded that he ‘wonders whether they (the company) can defend the position morally’. He added that the application for ownership is ‘still with the Land Registry for determination’.

Another point on which the two sides of the chamber agreed was that this was ‘a confusing area of the law’, and Mr. Mullins said that he would be ‘keeping an eye on whether the charges are reasonable’.
Sir George said that some progress has definitely been made, but there is a long way to go.

The whole speech and Mr. Mullins reply will be posted here tomorrow, November the 4th. At the end of the debate, Sir George was offered a meeting with the Minister to take the matter forward. Sir George is accepting.

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