Abbotts Ann hold New Year Drinks Party
12 Jan 2003
GY, Caroline Nokes and Roy Perry
GY, Caroline Nokes and Roy Perry
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Abbotts Ann Branch of North West Hampshire Conservatives kicked off the New Year with a party in the Village Hall, attended by about sixty people.
Present were the two District Councillors Jack Taylor and Margot Townsend; County Councillor Pat Pierce; Association Chairman Christopher Van der Noot; MEP Roy Perry and his daughter Carolines Nokes, Prospective Conservative Candidate for Romsey.

Speaking at the function, Sir George said that 2003 should be a year of opportunity for the Conservative Party.
"If ever a third party was going to break through in British politics, it would have been over the past two years. We have had our difficulties, and the so have the Government. Roy Jenkins' recent death reminds us that, in the Thatcher Years, the SDP was leading the polls with over 40%. Yet the LibDems remain the least popular of the three parties.
The Government is having trouble with delivery in public services; with law and order; with asylum seekers. They will not got the level of support at the next election that they got at the last.
This is why i believe there are real opportunities for the Conservatives; there are open goals waiting to be scored. The Parliamentary Party is getting tired of being in Opposition, and there is now an appetite for power."
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