Sir George backs Aegis Campaign
30 Jan 2003
Sir George at the launch of the Aegis campaign
Sir George at the launch of the Aegis campaign
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Sir George has thrown his weight behind the Campaign to stop the English Team playing in Zimbabwe.

"MP's from all parties believe it wrong that the English Cricket Team should go to Zimbabwe so long as Mugabe's murderous regime is still in place. The English Cricket Team has made it clear they don't want to play, but the Government won't idemnify it against the costs it would have to pay for breach of contract. I welcome this initiative to raise funds so they can pull out without fear of the consequences."

"If anyone dials 0906 1200005, £1 will automatically go to the ICC fine the English Cricket Board will face for pulling out. Any surplus will go to Zimbabweans being starved to death by Mugabe's regime."

Aegis Zimbabwe Fund: Statements of Support

"On a day in which perhaps thousands will die of state-sponsored famine, the English Nation as represented by its Cricket team will be guests of its perpetrator, Mugabe. Against these facts, a game of cricket is wholly absurd. We must withdraw. On Holocaust Memorial Day our sensitivities should be burning. I wholly endorse this appeal for you to pick up the 'phone and buy this game off."
Sir Bob Geldof

"Right now in Zimbabwe, millions of people are facing death by starvation at the hands of Robert Mugabe's dictatorial regime. Is our conscience clear that we have done all we can to stop it?"
Yann Martel, winner of the 2002 Man Booker Prize

"The Professional Cricketers' Association is delighted to be able to support such an innovative and progressive idea, and will certainly help to publicise the telephone hotline (0906 1200 005), which we see as not only providing good information about the oppression of Mugabe's Government, but also as representative of the strength of feeling that exists in Britain about the issues surrounding England's match in Zimbabwe set for 13 February."
Richard Bevan, Managing Director of the Professional Cricketers' Association

"It is great that ordinary people on the street are coming out in support of the national team. But it is important if ordinary people are showing solidarity, that the government should come out in support too. Perhaps they can match us pound for pound."
Robert Croft, former England cricketer

"The England Team are representing our country. They have made it clear that they do not want to play in Zimbabwe. As a country we should back them. Supporting this appeal does that. It also shows the Zimbabwean people that we care."
John Barnes, former England footballer

The Aegis Trust, Charity No.1082856
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