Sir George backs Golf Club's Fight for Survival
31 Jan 2003

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Speaking at a packed meeting at Andover Golf Club, Sir George pledged his support for the Golf Club's campaign to resist the proposals in the Draft District Plan to turn the site over to housing.
Sir George was backed by County Councillor David Kirk, and the three district councillors for the ward - Marion Kerley, Pam Mutton and Alan Smith.
"I have some sympathy for Test Valley District Council, who have been ordered by John Prescott to make provision for over 2400 houses in the district plan. This is more than I believe is necessary. However, there must be better ways of finding sites for the 50 homes that are currently proposed for the Golf Course - which would be the end of a popular club that is approaching its centenary."
"At a time when there is a debate about how best to provide recreation and entertainment for young people in the town, it would be perverse to close a club with one of the most successful Junior Sections in the country."
Sir George complimented the Club on its effective campaign, led by Chris Lynn and his committee, and thanked the Andover Advertiser for the Leader in the current edition supporting the Club.
"This is just the start of the process,and I hope that Test Valley can be persuaded to delete these proposals. But if they don't, there will be another opportunity when the plan goes to public enquiry."
"It is important to keep this green lung at the edge of the town, and to keep such a well-supported and easily accessible club."
Sir George said that the fact that Test Valley owned the land and would do well from a sale for housing was not a relevant planning consideration.
The meeting was chaired by Club President Tony Broad, and addressed by
* Stephen Harrop - Chairman of the Board of Directors - History of the Golf Club
* Guy Davis - Secretary - Where the Golf Club is now
* Bill Baughen - Save the Golf Club Committee Member - Juniors
* Richard Jones - Junior Captain
* Chris Lynn - Save the Golf Club Committee Chairman - What we have done so far
* Michael Rice - Local Resident - What the Residents have done so far
* Bob Houghton - Golf Club Member - Presentation re. local plan

Sir George said that it had been a very positive and optimistic meeting.
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