Labour lose County Council seat to LibDems
7 Feb 2003
Sir George with Harry Robinson in Rooksdown Ward
Sir George with Harry Robinson in Rooksdown Ward
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The by-election in Basingstoke North West for the vacant Hampshire County Council seat was won by the Liberal Democrats.
The result in June 2001 - when the seat was last fought - was

Labour 2773 41.9%
Con 2037 31.2%
LibDem 1747 26.8%

Last Thursday, the result was

LibDem 1224 38.8%
Con 1126 35.5%
Labour 824 26.0%

"I went canvassing with Harry Robinson, our candidate last Thursday and it was clear that the vote was going to be very low. Although we increased our share of the vote, the Labour vote dropped dramatically and most of it went to the LibDems."

"I thought Harry Robinson was a first-class candidate and I am sorry he missed winning by less than 100 votes."
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