Help on the Line to improve safety and service
16 Apr 1999
Also on Friday 16th April, Sir George joined Phil Dominey, Station Manager from SouthWest Trains, to test the newly installed Help point at Overton. These Help Points are linked to a Control Centre 24 hours a day, and passengers can simply press the information or emergency button and talk directly to a Control Centre Operator. The £3.25m scheme has been carried out with Rail Track and is part of an ongoing commitment to improve safety and security.

"I spoke to the control centre" said Sir George" and they told me how valuable these Help Points had already been. Train drivers have been warned of children playing on the line; vandalism of waiting rooms has been reported; and people have been given information about buses from the station." There had been some abuse, with people pretending to order Macdonalds.

During his visit, Sir George asked about plans to extend car parking at Overton, as it was full to capacity. He was told that there were plans to improve the position. Help on the Line to improve safety and service
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