Sir George meets SOVAG
15 Feb 2003
GY with (L to r) Barry Mundy, Garry Rolf and Richard Stagg
GY with (L to r) Barry Mundy, Garry Rolf and Richard Stagg
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Sir George held a meeting in Oakley with key members of SOVAG - Save Oakley Village Action Group.

"SOVAG is a well-established group that has been defending the green fields between Basingstoke and Oakley successfully for many years. The current threat is contained in the Draft District Plan, currently under discussion, which plans to build thousands of homes to the west of Basingstoke."

"SOVAG has pointed out that these fields are not required to build the number of houses need by 2011 - the time span for the current plan. They might be required thereafter, but there is no need for Basingstoke & Deane to make provision for numbers beyond 2011. By then, policy may have changed and the Government may have decided to direct growth to the east of London - or to other parts of the country."

"At the last General Election, I committed myself to protect towns and villages in my constituency from over-development and I want to work with SOVAG to do just that."

"SOVAG are also understandably concerned by the fact that Basingstoke and Deane own the land in questikon and this may influence the decision as to where to develop - indeed, one part of the council is party to the application to include this site in the plan."

"I am pursuing a number of issues withe the Director of Development that arise from my helpful meeting. I hope we can persuade him and the councillors to drop this provision from the plan."
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