Best of Times at St Mary Bourne
15 Feb 2003
The performance at St Mary Bourne
The performance at St Mary Bourne
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A Retro Comedy Revue, remembering the 1950's to the 1980's,came to St Mary Bourne Village Centre, before going on Upper Clatford on Sunday.

"This was a great evening of Pop, Dance, Musical Theatre, Stand Up Comedy and Sketches by four talented people. They took us back to rationing, Teddy Boys, Flower Power, Mini Skirts, the 3 Day Week and Yuppies."

Put on by the Time of Our Lives Music Theatre, the team of four perform up to eoight times a week in village halls, bringing live theatre to people who might not be able to access it otherwise. They are funded by Wiseman Lee Solicitors, the National Lottery and a number of charities.
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