Broadband policy - sorry, nothing doing!
21 Feb 2003
The Prime Minister says that "broadband . . . has to be available at the right price on the basis of a world class service"*. So what is the Government's policy? Or more to the point where is the policy?

Wanting to check some aspects I searched today. The e-envoy's site, which used to have excellent coverage of this topic, now refers us to the DTI: "The Department of Trade and Industry now has the overall lead for Broadband policy". But I searched the DTI site in vain for any sign of a coherent statement or even a set of links on broadband.

An obvious place to start might be Secretary of State Patricia Hewitt's page, which lists her speeches - the most recent of which (according to the web page) was on the 29th of May 2002. No sign of a broadband policy. E-commerce Minister Stephen Timms? Most recent speech 11th June 2002, "digital content" - close but no banana. Check the "IT and Telecoms" section? No mention of broadband on their home page. Search the whole DTI site? Ah, at last, some mentions. But what is the top item found - a speech by Stephen Timms, 26th June 2002 - we've been here before. And this speech is about broadband in the regions - what and where is the national policy? Second item? The same speech. Third broadband item? Speech by Douglas Alexander, from 2001. But surely he has left the DTI?

At this point one is inclined to give up the unequal struggle. One last try - the Prime Minister's own site. Search for "broadband policy". Result "Sorry, your search didn't return any pages."

I'll keep looking - watch this space for news! The link below leads to my Broadband Campaign pages.

*Quote from the Prime Minister's speech to the e-Summit conference, 19 December 2002.
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