Broadband - BT announces new ADSL proposals
7 Mar 2003
BT has written telling me about a new proposal through which an Internet Services Provider might join forces with a local community - and perhaps a sponsoring organisation such as the Regional Development Agency or a local authority - to provide ADSL at an exchange that doesn't meet BT's commercial criteria for ADSL. In outline, the consortium would contribute £55,000 and BT would provide for up to 30 ADSL connections; the consortium would then resell these to companies or residents. A second block of connections on the same exchange would cost £45,000. The payments would cover connection charges for three years. Note that this is not "in place" - BT is sounding out market reaction.

A back-of-an-envelope calculation:

Annual cost:£18,333.33
Annual per user:£611.11
Monthly cost per user:£50.93

Which seems rather a steep jump from the going retail rate of below £30 a month for normal ADSL and BT's commercial reseller rate, £14.75. But then if it could be done for £14.75 presumably BT would do it themselves. I await market reaction to this with interest.

Details of the BT proposals

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