Sir George visits dairy farm
12 Nov 2000

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Sir George continues his visit round farms in his constituency by visiting Tangley Manor Farm. With Jonathan Capes, he inspects the dairy herd.

“There is a crisis facing British agriculture, and it is hitting the medium sized, diverse family farms hard – even if they are as well-managed as this one.” said Sir George. “Not only are there enormous agricultural implications if dairy farms continue to close, but it will affect the English countryside. Much of the coppicing, tending of verges and trimming of hedges will simply stop.”

Sir George is pursuing with Nick Brown, the Agriculture Minister, a number of issues facing dairy farmers. “Bull calves are fetching £3 in Salisbury market, but it costs £15 to get them there. Farmers are faced with the awful dilemma of what to do with the bull calves when they are born. The abandonment of the calf processing scheme last July has made matters worse, and of course the live export ban and the ban on beef on the bone don’t help either”
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