Conservative Policy Forum holds meeting with Countryside Alliance
7 Mar 2003
Tim Bonner, Publicity Director for the Alliance
Tim Bonner, Publicity Director for the Alliance
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The North West Hampshire Conservative Association CPF held its second meeting of the year at Bransbury Mill, under the Chairmanship of John Winchcombe.
Guest Speaker was Tim Bonner of the Countryside Alliance, who brought members up to date with progress with the Hunting Bill.
Tim Bonner said that it would be up to the House of Lords - who had previously rejected a ban on hunting decisively - to decide the fate of the Bill. If they held to their views - as seemed likely - it would then be up to the Prime Minister to decide whether to use the Parliament Act to put it on the statute book. He saw a number of difficulties in this - not least that of civil disobedience and problems of enforcement. Also the Prime Minister was responsible for the current composition of the House of Lords, whose views it would therefore be more difficult for him to ignore.
He also pointed out that, the more the subject was debated, the smaller the percentage of the population who agreed with the ban; and that the issue had broadened from one of hunting to one of attitudes towards those who lived in the country as opposed to the town.
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