Sir George supports Municipal Waste Recycling Bill
12 Mar 2003
Attending an exhibition organised by the sponsors of the Municipal Waste Recycling Bill, Sir George said that he hoped the Bill would make progress.
"We need to make it easier for people to recycle, and the Bill does that. The rising cost of landfill sites and the need to make the best use of raw materials means that we should do even better than we are doing at the moment."
"My only qualification is that local authorities should receive the necessary support from Government to enable them to hit the target of 50% of municipal waste recycled or composted."
At the exhibition, Sir George met a number of companies engaged in recycling. "I was impressed by "Intelligent and Green" - basid in my former constituency of Acton, who recycled old London Transport underground seats into attractive bags and cushions, with help from the Princes Trust. This is just what we should be promoting."
Sir George with a recycled underground seat
Sir George with a recycled underground seat
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