Official Opening of the ARK
14 Mar 2003
Dr Graham Plant cuts the cake
Dr Graham Plant cuts the cake
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The ARK Centre was officially opened by the Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire, Mrs Mary Fagan

What began in 1991 as an idea to create a new Medical Postgraduate Centre in Basingstoke, has evolved through vision into the ARK Centre.
The emphasis on the “sharing” of medical knowledge was deemed vital for the future and a new independent centre was designed to serve not just the doctors and dentists, but also nurses, allied medical professionals, volunteer groups and the community.
A Pioneering ARK has resulted, incorporating Partnerships such as the NHH Medical Postgraduate Centre & Healthcare Library, Southampton University’s School of Nursing & Midwifery NHH Arthritis Trust, the Solvay Healthcare Cardiac Research Office, local allied health groups and the Pelican Cancer Foundation.

Since 1995 Mr Rees has led the ARK fundraising appeal for the building of this £5 million Centre. The task has been immense: three consecutive volunteer fundraising committees plus friends and colleagues have been inspired to achieve a
near impossible number of fundraising events, publicity campaigns and lectures as well as countless applications to grant-making trusts and other organisations.
Complex legal and financial arrangements, (which at times seemed insurmountable) also had to be addressed by the Trustees. In March 2001 sufficient committed funds were in place allowing building to start, with the doors opening in September 2002.
Fundraising continues to ensure commitments are met and the ARK is the widely accessible centre of excellence everyone hoped for. It is now clear this unique facility will become a ‘flagship’ medical education, cancer teaching, research and conference centre for the U.K.
It is an extraordinary achievement - and entirely the result of the heroic contributions from inspired groups of people in North Hampshire and elsewhere.

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