Sir George sees how high quality turf is grown
28 Mar 2003
James Hewetson Brown displays the turf grown at Ashe Warren
James Hewetson Brown displays the turf grown at Ashe Warren
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Continuing his round of visits to local farms, Sir George visited Ashe Warren Farm near Overton, run by David Hewetson Brown and his son, James.
"This is a well-run and attractive family farm of some 700 acres, that has diversified in order to maintain its viability. I was very impressed with their soil-less turf, produced by embedding seeds in compost on a bed of netting, laid on plastic sheets. This produces high quality turf that is easy to roll up and transport, and is in high demand by developers. It was a familiar product as it has been used in Parliament Square!"
"The other turf product was grass grown in plastic pots, suitable for commercial carparks."
"They are also diversifying by converting disused farm buildings into light industrial use."
"As with other farms in Hampshire, there are planning issues that arise, and complaints about the amount of form-filling necessary to claim grants from DEFRA. It waqs good to see a family farm surviving and doling well in the challenging times that farmers have been through."
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