"Banking on You" Campaign launched at House of Commons
3 Apr 2003
Kate Hoey MP addresses the meeting
Kate Hoey MP addresses the meeting
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MP's from all parties attended a meeting convened by the Communication Workers Union to protect Post Offices up and down the country.
"40% of Post Office business could be lost, with pension and benefit payments paid directly into bank accounts. This campaign, which I support, is to encourage people to continue to collect their cash at the Post Office via the Post Office Card Account.
My advice to constituents who want to continue to collect their cash by using a book is to sit tight, until they are notified of a change in payment method. Many people will be able to carry on for some time, as the change is being phased in. When they are told they can no longer have a payment book, they should ask for a Post Office Card Account. This will enable them to go on getting cash from their Post Office."
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