Sir George helps launch Sheltered Housing Campaign
9 Apr 2003
GY, Andy Love MP, Meic Phillips of EROSH and Paul Burstow MP
GY, Andy Love MP, Meic Phillips of EROSH and Paul Burstow MP
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Along with two other MP's, Sir George sponsored the launch at the House of Commons of the 2003 Campaign "Supporting People at Home"

"There is a real risk that provision of housing for those who have retired will get "squeezed out" of local plans; of course we need to make provision for affordable housing, for key worker housing and to have a strategy for the homeless; but with the changing demography of the country, we must make sure there are enough homes offering the secure and maintenance-free environment that elderly people want. If we provide the sheletered and retirement homes that people want, then elderly people will free up their current homes for the families that need them."

Also speaking, alongside the MP's, was Simon Hall from the Department of Health and Claire Cooper from ODPM, who explained the importance of a coherent housing strategy for elderly people from the Government's viewpoint.

EROSH is the national consortium of 150+ providers of housing for older people (registered social landlords and local authorities) with the support of a wide range of professional partners including the local Government Associofion, Age Concern England, Help the Aged and the Elderly Accommodation Counsel. Innovation and Good Practice (IGP) grants have been awarded for pre- vious EROSH projects from The Housing Corporation.
Our 2003 Campaign
The 2003 campaign theme is Supporting People At Home. The theme builds upon our very successful Health and Independence (HIP) theme for 2002, echoes the current agenda of Supporting People and re-enforces the message that a sheltered scheme is someone's home and part of the local community. Our chosen theme also implies the partnerships formed between the tenant the landlord and the services and agencies which support tenants'needs.
What are the objectives of the Campaign?
* To increase awareness, understanding and knowledge of sheltered and retirement housing among the 50+ population, thus increasing housing choice for older people. Surveys and anecdotal evidence show that the majority of the population mistake such housing for residenfial or even nursing care.
* To widen knowledge and understanding of sheltered and retirement housing and how it can contribute effectively to community care, among the professional sectors which come into contact with older people and their relatives and can influence attitudes and choice. Social Services, GPs, community nurses, hospital services, nationally and locally-based charitable and voluntary services, such as the Women's Institute and Cifizens' Advice Bureaux, are targeted.
What are the aims of the Campaign?
* To reach a wider spectrum of the population through more community-based events, displays and exhibitions.
* To reach a larger and broader range of professional partners via targeted mailings, and media and via events.
* To continue to build relationships with government, parliamentary interest groups and constituency MPs.
* To establish ERoSH's newly re-launched website, as a one-stop information resource on housing, health and care issues for older people.
2003 Activities:
For the first time, EROSH is turning its attention towards a year-long campaign to maintain its high profile and truly be the'voice'of the sheltered housing sector. This campaign will incorporate:
The National Launch: Wed 9th April 2003 - the aims are:
* To raise awareness of sheltered/retirement housing and the work of the EROSH national consorflum and how it can contribute to the agenda of maintenance of health and independence of older people.
* To officially launch the Supporting People At Home 2003 Campaign.
* To announce details of the Excellence in Supporting People At Home National Competition, and thank its category sponsors.
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