Sir George demands meeting with Ducal bosses
10 Apr 2003
This is the text of a letter that Sir George has today sent to Mary Czulowski, Managing Director of Cornwell Parker Cabinets.

Mary Czulowski
Managing Director, Cornwell Parker Cabinets
Cornwell Parker Furniture Ltd
Angel Road Works
Advent Way
Edmonton N18 3AD 10th April 2003


As the MP for North West Hampshire – which includes Andover – I was of course deeply concerned to read your announcement on April 4th. Ducal is one of the major employers in my constituency, and the closure of the manufacturing operation in Andover will have a deep impact on the local economy, as well as causing deep concern for the families involved.

I would welcome an early meeting with you, to discuss a number of issues. Your press release says that you are replacing the current range of products with a new product range, and it isn’t clear to me why some of these products cannot be produced in Andover. I would also like to discuss the redundancy arrangements which are being offered to those who will lose their jobs, as I understand that these are confined to the basic minimum legal requirements.

Your press release says that a support service will be put in place and I would like to know more details of this. If it is necessary to dispose of part of the site in Andover, I would be interested to hear what the plans are, as I am anxious that new jobs should be created on the site to replace those that are being lost.

Yours sincerely

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