Sir George contacts Learning and Skills Council for help with DUCAL
14 Apr 2003
This is the text of a letter which Sir George has sent to the Chief Executive of the Learning and Skills Council:

John Harwood
Chief Executive, Learning and Skills Council
25 Thackeray Mall
Hampshire PO16 0PQ 14th April 2003

Proposed Closure of Ducal in Andover

You may have read in the local papers that Ducal are closing their operation in my constituency in Andover, with some 500 jobs at risk.

I see from the latest edition of “The Informer”, that the LSC was involved in Leigh Park, where Proctor and Gamble made a similar number of people redundant.

I wonder if you would be good enough to let me know what role the LSC has to play in Andover, in making sure that those who lose their jobs have the relevant help with training opportunities and in finding new jobs.

Yours sincerely

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