Overton host 7th International Festival of Rugby
19 Apr 2003
Overton Rugby Club held a "Festoval" of Rugby at their Laverstoke Ground, with guests from the Netherlands and Scotland, as well as teams closer to home. An added attraction at the ground was a mini-beer festival.
"This has become a well-established festival, with a senior tournament providing fun and entertainment for many people, coupled with a junior Schools TAG tournament. This is a key year for the Club, as it plans to return to Overton in the near future, on land to the east of the football pitch at Berrydown. The land has been bought by the council, and the Club has planning permission. They await the outcome of their Lottery Application to raise the balance of the £250,000 they need."
"It was good to see the local beat policeman Paul Green on the field, playing for the Romford Barbarians. ORC is a string club with two senior teams, as well as minis from 5 to 12. Many congratulations to them on running another successful tournament."
Inverleith (l) play Winchester Vets
Inverleith (l) play Winchester Vets
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