Broadband: Progress in North West Hampshire
23 Apr 2003
BT have kindly provided me with an update on progress towards ADSL-enabling exchanges in North West Hampshire, see below. BT estimate that if (when?) the triggers at Overton, Weyhill and Whitchurch are met, some 79-80% of businesses and residents in the constituency will have potential access. BT now show every sign of actively wanting to upgrade local exchanges wherever this is commercially viable and will support local campaigns aimed at increasing the number of 'registrations of interest' - the key factor determining BT's decision to enable an exchange.
However, even after an exchange is enabled some people and businesses connected with that exchange will not be able to access broadband, because of distance from the exchange or line quality. And there appears to be little chance for those of us connected to exchanges such as Hatherden and Linkenholt, based on present government policies. I continue to press Ministers for a more coherent strategy to make broadband available in all rural areas. For more information see my Broadband Campaign pages - link below.

Status of North West Hampshire exchanges: BT figures at 22 April 2003

Andover takeup 4.3%
Tadley takeup 7%

Trigger level of registrations met, exchange scheduled for upgrade:
Highclere scheduled May 28
Oakley scheduled 14 May

Trigger set:
Overton 158 regs trigger 250
Weyhill 137 regs trigger 250
Whitchurch 221 regs trigger 300

No trigger set
Abbots Ann 66 regs
Burghclere 58 regs
Dummer 112 regs
Grateley 31 regs
Hatherden 13 regs
Headley 66 regs
Hurstbourne Tarrant 26 regs
Kingsclere 167 regs
Linkenholt 22 regs
Monk Sherbourne 145 regs
St. Mary Bourne zero regs
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