A good result for North West Hants Tories in local elections
2 May 2003
Sir George said he was delighted with the results of the local elections in his North West Hampshire constituency. All the councillors in the Test Valley half of his constituency were up for election, and about a third of the councillors in the Basingstoke and Deane half faced elections.
"Overall, we gained a seat from the LibDems, while holding on very comfortably to all the seats we already held. Congratulations to Steve West, standing for the first time in Tadley North against a well-established LibDem, for getting in with a clear 200 majority."
"Many congratulations to Ian Carr and the Conservatives in Test Valley for increasing their share of the vote in key wards. We did well because the Conservatives have run the council responsibly; because we have some hard-working local councillors who had good personal results on top of the party's; and because we fought a positive and vigorous campaign."
"Because of boundary changes, it is difficult to make direct comparisons with last time. But if you look at the two wards in Andover that we didn't win last time, we did sensationally well this time. In St Mary's ward last time in 1999, the Liberal Democrats got nearly twice as many votes as we did, and we came third. This time, the Labour vote collapsed and we forced three recounts before narrowly losing. Likewise, in what was the LibDem stronghold in Alamein, our vote went up strongly, while the LibDem vote was broadly static - even though Labour didn't stand this time. In both wards, we now have a strong base for winning next time round."
"In the other four Andover wards, there was no real contest. I am really pleased with the outcome."
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