Disability Rights Commission hosts Parliamentary Reception
7 May 2003
Sir Richard Mottram (Perm Sec DWP) Bert Massie (Chair, DRC) GY
Sir Richard Mottram (Perm Sec DWP) Bert Massie (Chair, DRC) GY
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The Disability Rights Commission marked the third anniversary of its launch with a Parliamentary Reception, and the publication of "Disability Equality: Making it Happen" - a review of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.
"The DRC obviously has views on the potential creation of a Single Equality Body; as long as there are sensible safeguards, their view is that one body could promote equality and fairness by focussing on issues that cut across the range of discrimination."
"It was very useful to meet people at the reception who had first hand experience of a range of disabilities; they recognised that good progress is being made - but there are worrying stories of people being dismissed when they are in the early stages of a potentially disabling illness. I hope this can be addressed; as people come to terms with a potentially serious illness, they don't want the additional stress of losing their job."
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