Tim Boswell MP addresses local Tories
16 May 2003
Tim Boswell MP, Ann Homan, Sir George Young
Tim Boswell MP, Ann Homan, Sir George Young
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Guest Speaker at the Conservative Luncheon Club was Tim Boswell, MP for Daventry, and Opposition Spokesman on Further and Higher Education. He addresses a capacity audience after lunch, at a meeting chaired by Mrs Ann Homan.
Tim Boswell criticised the Government for its increasing reliance on means-tested benefits, drawing a growing percentage of the retired population and of families with its embrace. "I am in favour of means-tested benefits where they are focussed on those in need; but more and more people are being confronted by long and complicated forms that they find it difficult to fill in. Further, the more a country relies on means-tested benefits as a matter of policy, the more they give a sginal to younger people that there is no point in saving."
He explained the Party's recent policy to abolish tuition fees, saying it was right to aim at a lower graduate population than the Government envisaged, and to focus on technical skills that were in short supply.
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