Abolishing Tuition fees will help local students and their families - says Sir George
16 May 2003
"Our Education Spokesman, Damian Green, announced that Conservatives would abolish university tuition fees – described as a ‘tax on learning’. This would save students and their families across Test Valley and Basingstoke and Deane up to £3,000 a year each. There are already 3700 full-time students aged 18 or over who might benefit from this policy, and another 5000 students aged 16-17, many of whom may soon go to university."

"The Government's university tuition fees are a tax on learning. They have let down hard-working families across Hampshire, leaving young people with huge debts when they start work. Labour’s interference in admissions has universities tied up in red tape.

“We need a fair deal for students and universities. We want every student to be able to aspire to the top universities, every university to offer places purely on merit, and every student to be studying something worthwhile.

“Our policy is fairer than the Liberal Democrat alternative – in Scotland, they still charge tuition fees to students after they graduate. Worse, Liberal Democrats would force the poorest students in Hampshire to live at home and would not guarantee university students a full three-year course.

“Under our policy, the university sector will be smaller, better focused, and open to all who deserve to be there.”


As part of Conservatives’ wide-ranging reform of England’s higher education, a future Conservative administration would (i) abolish Labour’s university tuition fees, (ii) scrap Labour’s 50% university admissions target, (iii) end the proposed Access Regulator for universities, (iv) improve vocational and technical education.

The policy would be funded by the savings from (i) not over-expanding university admissions, (ii) not needing the various schemes designed to counteract the deterrent effect of Labour’s plans for top-up fees, and (iii) abolishing the proposed access regulator. This would save the £700 million that the Government wishes to raise in fees.

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