ADSL Broadband - progress update
30 May 2003
This is the latest state of play on exchanges in North West Hampshire that have already had trigger targets set, as provided by BT:

Status of North West Hampshire exchanges: BT figures at 23 May 2003

Trigger set:
Overton 191 regs - up from 158 a month ago trigger 250
Weyhill 169 regs - up from 137 trigger 250
Whitchurch 264 regs - up from 221 trigger 300

Andover, Tadley, Oakley and Highclere exchanges have now been ADSL enabled.

This still leaves eleven exchanges without a trigger. BT tell me that their practise is to assess one of these exchanges if it reaches 200 registrations, so that is the milestone to aim for if your exchange hasn't yet had a trigger set. At Dummer, for example, 134 local people and businesses have registered an interest (up from 112 a month ago!), so they are two thirds of the way towards an assessment. However that wouldn't automatically lead to a trigger level being set, since each exchange is assessed based on a number of factors.
In the smaller communities local campaigns should perhaps be starting to hedge their bets by also registering with their local authority and the Regional Development Agency that they have an active local broadband campaign - you may need their help to make it happen.

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