Sir George jumps for joy
10 Jun 2003
Sir George jumps off the back benches
Sir George jumps off the back benches
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Sir George today got off the benches and started skipping.

After attending a meeting on improving children's health MPs from all Parties felt a spring in their step and joined some leaping Lords to highlight how fun physical activity can be.

While limbering up MPs heard about the importance of a healthy start in life from Sir Alexander Maccara, Chairman of the National Heart Forum, who spoke about the Young@heart initiative and from Len Almond, Director of the BHF National Centre for Physical Activity and Health, who outlined the growing epidemic of 'couch kids' in the UK.

Sir George said
“By getting active and having a healthy diet children are protecting their long term health. Skipping is great fun, can be done anywhere and is a good aerobic exercise which helps maintain a healthy heart”.

Len Almond said
"We don't want a nation of 'couch kids' but to compete with TV and computer games physical activity needs to be fun, accessible and safe. Parliamentarians, parents and teachers need to be working together to provide opportunities for children to be active”.

Sir Alexander Maccara said
“Heart attacks and illness from coronary heart disease seem remote from children's lives, but the key risk factors for developing Coronary Heart Disease -raised blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and smoking -all develop over the life course, and most originate during childhood”.

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